In 1986 Berris Jones landed at JFK International Airport in New York and boldly declared on his immigration forms that the purpose of his visit was to write and record music. About 10 years into his American sojourn, Berris realized this dream to a small measure with the release of his debut single:Tell Dem. With its sweet and infectious music, Tell Dem documented the struggles of Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid movement of the 90’s South Africa. “Tell Them to free up Mandela/Tell Them to free up my brother/Tell Them to free up South Africa” was the message in the music.

A native of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Berris was touched by the undeniable spirit of calypso music from since he was a primary school student. His father, known by the calypso sobriquet, the Mighty Toiler was a successful calypsonian who is written into the music history books of the island as the first to win both the Road March (the most played song on Carnival day) and the coveted title of Calypso King in the same year. Under this influence Berris started to pen his own lyrics and as a teenager he was the 1st runner up in a national songwriting competition. A prolific songwriter Berris would then step out on stage as a performer in his own right enjoying notable success in this area. While working professionally as an electrician in New York City, he continued his forage into what was and still is undoubtedly his first love: music.

For four years he owned and operated the successful SoundFest record store in Hollis, Queens, providing a medium of promotion for all genres of music including soca and reggae artists from all over the Caribbean.

For several years he remained in the shadows enjoying the music as a spectator and supporter. Now, Berris is coming full circle.

With the consciousness that has shaped the minds of many during this world crisis and a personal health scare a couple years prior,

Berris has decided to follow his dance with Destiny and step out once again into the musical arena. He is doing so with two powerful Compositions showcasing his range as a composer. Both songswere written decades ago but like any good music, the lyrics are timely and timeless.

His first offering: “Hotty” was written 20 years ago when his then 2-year-old son’s reaction to testing his bath water was “hotty! hotty!hotty!”

There and then inspiration stung and Berris used his pen to develop the groovy soca song in tribute to the beautiful women of the world. The pop infusion in the melody makes this a particular evocative music for these times.
Summertime” is an R&B infused composition which is a veritable ode to New York City summers. It was written 15 years ago on a warm mid-summer day while Berris was on his lunch break on Manhattan’s upper West Side. “Sun is blazing/ ice cream melting/bodytemperature rising/Rockaway Beach calling: the song beckons listeners to enjoy the mood and beauty that is summertime in the Big Apple. Both songs are released on

Berris own Sound Fest label and widely available on all online music platforms.

In addition to his musical exploits, Berris is a seasoned entrepreneur in the fashion and design arena. His clothing line, Suntrail which has been around since the 2000’s is inspired by the warm and festive spirit of the Caribbean. Featuring urban, fun and sportswear, Suntrail designs are blended with a distinctive tropical flavor that is attractive to everyone with a zest for life.

There is no more powerful union than when passion marries talent which is just the case in this new iteration of the performer and crooner Berris Jones. He’s ready and the world is his stage!